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Expert HR Consultants based in Norwich, Norfolk.

Supporting businesses, small and large, with bespoke HR packages and quick solutions to complex HR problems.

1st Class HR provides fast and effective high quality HR services to ensure that your business maximises its opportunities, achieves a highly performing and motivated workforce, and stays one step ahead of employment law.

We pride ourselves on the ability to tailor our service to the individual needs of each business. From project based consultancy to a full and complete outsourced HR service, 1st Class HR will work with you to meet your business objectives.

Letters & Forms

A collection of template HR documents, from recruitment application forms to template employment contracts. All template documents have been written to represent best practice in the workplace, as well as the latest employment legislation. Using the templates will give you the confidence of knowing that your HR practices are in line with the law, as well as being fair and consistent to staff.

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Management Guides

A wide selection of management guides, each providing clear instruction and practical advice to prompt and steer managers in their approach to dealing with HR matters. Each guide is set out as a quick reference manual, written in a no-nonsense format with key tips, and answers to the most common questions. The management guides provides invaluable guidance essential to the practical management of HR in the workplace.

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Policies & Procedures

A vast and comprehensive range of template policies and procedures, from 'adoption' to 'redundancy', written as statements of intent and protocols for implementation in the organisation. Policies and procedures set out the organisations approach to all aspects of staff management, and are essential to ensure consistent and fair practices, as well as encouraging positive behaviours and discouraging negative behaviours.

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Training Materials

A range of training materials in the form of PowerPoint slides, tools and techniques, and training exercises. Mix and match the training materials to develop a learning solution that is right for your organisation, or ask 1st Class HR to deliver and facilitate learning for you. Training materials provide essential information and resources in a format that will allow you to ensure your staff and managers are knowledgeable and competent in HR matters.

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